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The registration fee is $60 (includes meals, media, and food tax)
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{{answer_40508832}}, please select ONE of the lodging options below. *

Please note this is in addition to the registration fee. Also, note that there is an option for sharing a bed to help cut costs. You will then be asked to supply the name(s) of the person(s) you wish to share the room. NOTE: MOST rooms have two queen beds and a private bath.

Please list the name(s) of the person(s) that would share the room with you.

Please separate names with a semicolon. Thank you!
Would you like to be assigned housing with a church member? *

Since you selected that you are a "Commuter", we just wanted to know whether you had already made housing plans or discover if you needed housing.

Will you be bringing a nursing baby?

{{answer_40508832}}, do you need a box lunch on Saturday instead of eating in the dining room? *

{{answer_40508832}}, this cannot be changed within two weeks of the retreat.
Do you have any food allergies? *

(We will endeavor to accommodate your dietary needs.)
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Do you have any disabilities?

If you answered Yes, then you will be prompted to describe so that we might better determine where you should stay.
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Your description of your disability will aid us in housing determinations.
Would you be interested in participating in a Glen Eyrie Castle Tour (at an additional charge of $10 on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 PM)? *

Do you have any comments or suggestions for this registration process?

According to your selections above, your total cost for the retreat is    $ {{var_score}}.

{{answer_40508832}}, once you click the submit button, you will be reminded of this total in a pop up window as well as an email being sent to your email address that will give you this total and include directions as to how you should make out the check and where to mail it.

Checks are made payable to "Springs Reformed Church" and are mailed to the registrar:

Midwest Presbytery Women's Retreat
Shana Milroy, registrar
2306 Afton Way, Colo. Spgs, CO 80909
Thank you so much for Registering for the 2017 Midwest Presbytery Women's Retreat! Please note that the cost for you to attend is ${{var_score}}.  See you at the retreat!
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{{answer_40508832}}, because you didn't wish to register, we have just bypassed the rest of the form and taken you to the end. If you wish to register in the future please just use the link and try again. Thank you! Hope you will keep this event in your prayers.
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